Monday 6 March 2017


E-filing has made old methods of filing tax returns a thing of the past. Considering the immense benefits they offer consumers, it’s no surprise that clients often opt to e-file their tax returns. Here are some very good reasons why e-filing has gained the popularity that it has:

Increased Accuracy: Filing tax returns manually is often prone to human error, and several mishaps caused by paper filing can be avoided simply by opting for a more efficient and accurate e-filing system. Because the e-filing software is built to minimize error, it provides an error-free filing to the client.

Accessibility to past data: 2290.US 2290 e-filing ensures that the client’s tax returns can be accessed from the database at the click of a button, from anywhere in the world. They’re all filed neatly and logically in one place so that the clients can access their tax returns whenever they like. So if a client is required to provide some information about his/her tax returns, e-filing provides a better alternative to paper filing. It also makes it much simpler to track one’s tax returns.

Quicker filing: E-filing is less time-consuming, and tax returns can be filed 24X7 online. It’s much faster and more efficient than the traditional, time- and- paper-bound filing system.

Proof of Receipt: E-filing provides the client with a receipt promptly on filing, there is no error in processing the receipt and no corruption or red-tape involved. The receipt is sent to the client’s registered e-mail id as soon as the returns are filed.

User-friendly: E-filing is simple even for clients who have been filing their returns via traditional methods for decades, and for clients who are not internet-savvy. Its mode of operation involves very few steps and can be accomplished by a layman as well.

Refunds: E-filing helps clients recover any money they may have possibly paid as a fee for the process by helping them gain benefits from tax deductions and tax credits. Clients who have an awareness of the tax benefits they’re eligible for often receive larger refunds and owe less money as tax. Also, if one is owed a tax refund, one can be sure of receiving it as soon as possible if one files one’s returns online.

Documentation: E-filing provides clients with a useful documentation that they could use to prove their financial credibility in the market, avail of bank loans, government services, process VISAs, and so on.

Environment-friendly: E-filing is environment-friendly, and reduces paper wastage. It minimizes the cutting of trees and contributes to a healthier environment.

So, sign up, login and make e-filing a habit today; it’s convenient, efficient, and confidential, and has completely simplified the tax filing process worldwide. For more information and queries our knowledge center is always accessible. 

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