Wednesday 2 August 2017

EFPTS: New Email Confirmation Option

For many years, the EFTPS has not provided a receipt or confirmation of payment. You could check your bank statement or use your cancelled check as your proof ... but you would not receive documentation directly from the IRS. Thankfully, the IRS has decided to provide a new confirmation option for payers. You can now get confirmation that you paid the IRS a tax. Finally!

Users of the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System are now able to sign up for payment status emails.  Supply an email address when you are making your payment. The EFTPS system will send an immediate confirmation by email.

What if you do not have an account?
If you do not already have an account, you can visit to sign up for one.

The IRS will mail you a PIN within 7 days. Once you get this PIN you will be able to start making your IRS tax payments through EFTPS.

The IRS has issued an important Note: The IRS wants to emphasize that the email confirmation from EFTPS will not contain any web links. If an email appearing to be from the IRS contains a link, the email may be a scam. DO NOT click on the links.