Monday 6 March 2017


What is VIN?

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is like your Vehicle’s unique fingerprint or DNA. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines VIN as, “a series of Arabic numbers and Roman letters that are assigned to a motor vehicle for identification purposes.

The VIN system is essential to increase the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle recall campaigns undertaken to remedy noncompliance with the Federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) or defects related to motor vehicle safety.”

VIN is important in matters relating to legislation, insurance, filing tax returns, and even if you take your vehicle to the garage. You’ll need VIN in cases relating to accidents and legal offenses as well.

A VIN number lists important details about the vehicle such as, what kind of vehicle it is, year built, color, MSRP (Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price), technical specifications, standard and optional equipment installed and Fuel Economy ratings according to some federal release. It comes with a window sticker displaying this information. A  VIN number is 17 characters long and has both numeric and alphanumeric characters in it.

Reporting VIN Corrections:
Errors in quoting the VIN number often take place, and corrects these errors for a small fee. VIN corrections ought to be filed along with the client’s tax returns to ensure a completely hassle-free tax procedure.
Those who file their VIN corrections have faster IRS processing and receive their Schedule 1 copy with the right VIN within a few minutes on average.

VIN Corrections For A Small Fee!
Filing a VIN correction requires the payment of a small fee. All you have to do is log in to your account (or if you are a new user- create a new account), then fill in your details, and select the required option from the drop-down menu. Opt to file a VIN Correction and complete the procedure.

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E-filing has made old methods of filing tax returns a thing of the past. Considering the immense benefits they offer consumers, it’s no surprise that clients often opt to e-file their tax returns. Here are some very good reasons why e-filing has gained the popularity that it has:

Increased Accuracy: Filing tax returns manually is often prone to human error, and several mishaps caused by paper filing can be avoided simply by opting for a more efficient and accurate e-filing system. Because the e-filing software is built to minimize error, it provides an error-free filing to the client.

Accessibility to past data: 2290.US 2290 e-filing ensures that the client’s tax returns can be accessed from the database at the click of a button, from anywhere in the world. They’re all filed neatly and logically in one place so that the clients can access their tax returns whenever they like. So if a client is required to provide some information about his/her tax returns, e-filing provides a better alternative to paper filing. It also makes it much simpler to track one’s tax returns.

Quicker filing: E-filing is less time-consuming, and tax returns can be filed 24X7 online. It’s much faster and more efficient than the traditional, time- and- paper-bound filing system.

Proof of Receipt: E-filing provides the client with a receipt promptly on filing, there is no error in processing the receipt and no corruption or red-tape involved. The receipt is sent to the client’s registered e-mail id as soon as the returns are filed.

User-friendly: E-filing is simple even for clients who have been filing their returns via traditional methods for decades, and for clients who are not internet-savvy. Its mode of operation involves very few steps and can be accomplished by a layman as well.

Refunds: E-filing helps clients recover any money they may have possibly paid as a fee for the process by helping them gain benefits from tax deductions and tax credits. Clients who have an awareness of the tax benefits they’re eligible for often receive larger refunds and owe less money as tax. Also, if one is owed a tax refund, one can be sure of receiving it as soon as possible if one files one’s returns online.

Documentation: E-filing provides clients with a useful documentation that they could use to prove their financial credibility in the market, avail of bank loans, government services, process VISAs, and so on.

Environment-friendly: E-filing is environment-friendly, and reduces paper wastage. It minimizes the cutting of trees and contributes to a healthier environment.

So, sign up, login and make e-filing a habit today; it’s convenient, efficient, and confidential, and has completely simplified the tax filing process worldwide. For more information and queries our knowledge center is always accessible. 

TOP TEN REASONS WHY IS THE BEST, was set up with a single goal; to provide truckers with the most efficient e-filing system possible, so that they’d never have to go anywhere else. So after speaking to several truckers and collecting lots of data, understood that what truckers really wanted from their e-filing service was a user-friendly e-filing system.

Therefore, offers clients a host of features, the best of which are:

100%  paperless E-sign and E-file: enables clients to file their returns online electronically, in a more efficient and convenient manner. There’s less wastage of time, zero paper consumption, and absolute confidentiality. Clients have access to the database where their records can be stored and tracked for future reference, and every client gets a receipt of payment at their registered e-mail id immediately on payment.

Single Filing or Bulk Data Import: is comfortable with filing both simple tax returns and copious amounts of tax data. The high-end technology at makes it possible to provide clients with a more convenient tax filing process and is one of the reasons why is popular both with small and large firms.

VIN Correction/ Mileage increase/ Weight Increase Corrections: Corrections with regard to Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are required for faster processing of tax returns. At, this process is simplified and any VIN corrections are filed along with the other documents to ensure a hassle free process. also ensures clients can file their mileage increase details without a hassle. It also helps clients who need to file any corrections with regard to an increase in the weight of their vehicle.

Responsive Web: The system at will adjust to any system or device in order to make the e-filing process hassle free for clients. The system’s responsive web adjusts to the device and makes e-filing simpler, no matter where and from what device the client is operating from.

Claim Of Refund: helps clients recover greater refunds and streamlines the process, too. The system supports 8849 and Schedule 6 processing. It makes claiming tax refunds and tax credits hassle-free.

Single dashboard with multiple business information: provides clients with a convenient single dashboard armed with information about multiple business details so that the client will have absolutely no problem while filing their tax returns. The entire e-filing process is vastly simplified and even truckers who have been using conventional filing methods for decades would immediately understand it.

Two-factor authentication: Clients are required to provide a simple two-factor authentication process, following which they can immediately file their tax returns. completely eliminates the need for red tape, unnecessary procedures and paperwork.

Confidentiality: assures its clients of complete confidentiality. All their tax returns are stored safely in a single place and the client has restricted access to them. There is no question of information leaks that might have been possible via other traditional methods of filing.

Convenient: Filing tax returns does not seem like a daunting task with system; it’s accurate, timely, and user-friendly. Clients are provided with a receipt of payment in their registered email ids as soon as they file their returns.

Eco-friendly: is a paperless system that saves hundreds of trees from being felled. When clients e-file their returns with, they’re helping to save the environment.