Friday 10 August 2018

3 ways to pay your HVUT: ACH Direct Bank Account Draft

Each year, we get new users who have only ever paper filed their HVUT form. They're very used to handing in their 2290 form and paying on paper, as well. When our new users switch over to eFiling with, they're often surprised by the extra choices you have for paying the 2290 tax.

It can take a minute or two to get familiar with your options. We want to help introduce you to your 3 ways to pay your tax owed. Today, we'd like you to meet ACH - direct bank account drafting.

1. ACH - Direct Bank Account Draft

This option is the electronic version of mailing in your check to the IRS. Only, with a direct bank account draft, you don't have to worry about your check being lost or misdirected through the mail. No bothering with printers, envelopes, stamps, or paper cuts, either.

To use this option, you'll be asked for your bank routing number, your bank account number, the type of account, and your phone number.

Yikes! We want what now?

We know it can be difficult to tell who you can trust these days. With over 10 years in eFiling expertise, we know that you can trust us with this sensitive information. We are bank-grade secure when it comes to your private information. There's a reason why we're an IRS-approved eFile provider: we've done what it takes to ensure that your information is taken care of.

We transmit you bank account draft information to the IRS when you submit your 2290 form. Although you'll get your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes, the IRS won't withdraw your tax owed immediately. It's usually about one to two business days before that transaction goes through. This depends on your bank and how they process outside payments.

You might be a good fit for the ACH - direct bank account drafting HVUT payment option if you're filing close to the deadline. This is an easy, simple, and trackable way to send in your payment quickly. Get started now, you'll have your Schedule 1 today!

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